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June 22, 2009
Hong Kong Exhibitioin

 Hong Kong Exhibition

Nick Morris, Doug Bartlett and David Bowers will be exhibiting in there own show in Hong Kong in January at


More information to come.

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June 22, 2009
Doug Bartlett Interview

Doug Bartlett interview with Retrospect Galleries in Byron Bay.

 Right now I am…
I am skinning a 120kg pig.

The person who has most influenced my art is….

My favourite artist is …

I’m inspired to start a new work when….
I’ve had my fifth long neck (750ml) of cold beer

I am at my most creative/productive when…
I’m angry

I usually start my day by…
Coughing up blood

I am currently reading….
 Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Friedrich Nietzche

The book that changed my life is…
Lord of the Flies. William Golding.
Laid out a clear path for me to follow as a young man

My favourite album of all time is…
I wanna make you my lady.  Mark Holden

My favourite film of all time is…
Death in Venice

When I am working I like to listen to…
Silence, or the gentle sounds of a chainsaw or gunfire

It makes me smile when…
My partner dons his gardening gear

I get angry about…
Ten thirty or so ( in the morning)

My three most valued possessions are… - need photos
My guns, my bullets and my beer and Lovers…….

The three things in life I could never give up are …
Pork, Grog and hunting

If I was stranded on a desert island I would want…
A gun

If I could travel anywhere back and forth in time, I would go …
Back to Mauritius to eat the last dodo.

If I was elected Prime Minister of Australia the first thing I would do is…
No child over the age of 12 will be without a firearm.

My dream dinner party of six would include….
Gordon Ramsay, Bruce Ruxton, John Laws, Alan Jones, Pauline Hansen and Nelson Mandela

If it were my party, I would serve…
Beer and meat

The achievement I am most proud of is…
When I ate that dodo

My most embarrassing moment was…
When I vomited on the Queen

The craziest thing I have ever done was…
I have never done anything crazy

The most valuable lesson I have learned in life is…
Get money off people…

When I die, I would like my gravestone to say…
Here lieth the greatest artiste and gentleman of his age.
Or maybe a highly advanced ape. R.I.P.

If a young person told me they wanted to be like me when they grow up, I would tell them…
Dream on you little shit.

I wish I had listened when my parents told me…
 Piss off Doug

I hope my art.….
Touches people

My legacy to the world will be…
A few paintings. A few less feral pigs…….

If I wasn’t an artist I would like to be….
A spanish whore or female mud wrestler

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